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Conserve, don’t log, burned forest habitat
The fire fee game, you lose!
Can automatic registration increase voter turnout?
Youth empowered
About those boundary drop obligations
Single payer system inadequate
It takes a village idiot
Leadership means long-term solutions to deal with drought
Tell me your opinion of The Union newspaper, website
How about a ‘Water Savior’ project?
Guest appearance brings ‘Bitter and Sweet’ to life for students
Thank you, NID
Kudos to generous donors!
Jim Mills, Campus Life youth ministry director for three decades, passes away
Jim Mills, who directed the Campus Life youth ministry from his home for three decades, passed away of cancer Tuesday night. He was 68.Thousands of Nevada County high school students passed through the Christian program, which meets Tuesday nights...
New glass bead shop next to Sushi in the Raw
Nice visit with Janien and Darby, a husband-wife team born and raised in the Midwest, that just opened up a glassworks shop on Spring Street in Nevada City. Their specialty is beads, but not the kind you're thinking " these are the kind of intri...
Nevada City: Antique shop moves into Posh Nosh vacancy
Barely a month after Posh Nosh restaurant shut down, building owner R.D. Schmitz has the Broad Street storefront spruced up, open and (mostly) stocked with antiques.Schmitz has owned the prime real estate for about 40 years, using it as the Nevada...
First day of the ski season
Despite stormy weather Saturday, the promise of copious quantities of new snow on the mountain was too much to pass up, and I headed for Sugar Bowl Ski Resort on Donner Summit.Inches kept adding up Friday night and Saturday, turning would-be groom...
Visiting a homeless camp
I'd by lying if I said I didn't have some apprehension about hiking out into the woods to find a homeless camp this morning.Parked on the side of East Bennett Road, The Union Photographer John Hart and I exchanged dubious looks as we considered th...
Nevada City B&B will close just before Christmas
Deer Creek Inn " a six-guestroom bed-and-breakfast on Nevada Street in Nevada City " will close Dec. 23, owner Eileen Strangfeld said.The B&B is one of five B&Bs currently operating downtown, along with Red Castle Inn, The Parsonage, Emma Neva...
Restaurant exodus in Nevada City
Downtown dinner options just got skimpier in Nevada City.Citronee Bistro owners are leaving for Santa Barbara and will close shop Saturday night, a friend said. The restaurant was featured in the Hallmark movie "The Christmas Card."Posh Nosh next ...
Problem youth in downtown Grass Valley
Grass Valley Police officers are looking for downtown businesses to talk about disorderly youth at a meeting Thursday morning, but registration closed Monday.Officer Zack LaFerriere, Sgt. Joe Matteoni and Chief John Foster will lead the meeting at...
Bewitched at Thursday night's candidate forum
Double, double toil and trouble, Grass Valley's city council candidate forum started with a cauldron-belching bang Thursday night when Ed Yarborough delivered opening remarks likening the current council members to a "liberal covenant of witches."...
Seller beware at Treasure Hunters Roadshow
Thursday, The Union got calls from several folks who had taken items to sell at the Teasure Hunter Roadshow, which had set up shop at the Holbrooke Hotel. The roadshow claimed to be paying top dollar for antiques, jewelry, gold and silver.One woma...
The Declutter Clinic — Get support, make cash.
It’s Time for Slow Medicine – A conversation with Michael Finkelstein, MD
Beyond Polarization to Wholeness: A Conversation with Tom Atlee
What to keep and what to let go of — Spring Clean #3
Wading thru files on your digital desktop? Spring Clean #2
Listen within
Spring Clean: Your Mind and Space. Spring Clean #1
Women Healers of the World: The Traditions, History, and Geography of Herbal Medicine – A Conversation With Holly Bellebuono
QuantumThink – The New Paradigm for Successful Living: A Conversation with Dianne Collins
Crazy Wisdom Saves the World Again: A Conversation with Wes “Scoop” Nisker
Empowered Caregiving – Thriving, Not Just Surviving: A Conversation with Cindy Laverty
Spiritual Activism: A Conversation with Andrew Harvey
Excuse Me Doctor! I’ve Got What? – Taking Ownership Of Your Health – A Conversation with Dr. Melissa Clarke
Compassion, Empathy, Caring, and Healing: A Conversation With Roshi Joan Halifax
The World’s Greatest Valentines Day Gift And How You Can Give It – A Conversation With Patricia Evans – And A Free Loving Relationship Meditation
Best Books to Read to Change Your Life: Everyday Zen: Love and Work
A Simple Way to Prioritize and Declutter Your Time
What Happened When I Stopped Meditating
Blueberry Ginger Green Smoothie Recipe
What Does it Mean to Truly be a Green Bank?
Finding a Mentor/Sponsor
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The big picture: Climate change is simple.
There are science-aligned Republicans; try this Mormon, Republican climate blog from BYU geochemist Barry Bickmore
. (See also Bickmore's laws of rationality and his talk How to Avoid the Truth About Climate Change, about what changed his mind.)
EPA reports that it'll take 40cents/day to fix GW (by gov't action, not just green shopping.

Doubting scientists have less expertise. Relevant: true skepticism.

"We will be judged by those who come after us, both by what we did do and what we didn't do, in the time given to us."

Please, don't cook the kids.

The Liberal Mind - ‘You didn’t create anything, the government did.’
Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy, who knew?
Sandbox – 23apr15
The Con-Con and SoJ debates
Constitutional Convention – The debate continues
Suddenly SoJ has become real (updated 19apr15)
California Drought Report #10
Sandbox - 16apr15
The Large Cliff Top Pueblos at Mesa Verde, Colorado and Treeflow Data from Lees Ferry, Arizona
Hillary Clinton is the past, let's work for the future. Come on Media, be fair to the young guys!
TAX DAY! Here's looking at you!
Scattershots – 14apr15 (updated 15apr15)
NOAA ENSO Model Now Forecasting a Supercalifragilistic El Niño for 2015/16 Season
Barred Owls murdered by the State and Federal "Experts"
Federal Judge denies Obama a STAY on his amnesty Executive Order
Water in California, thanks to Jerry and Friends
Dorsey Marketplace will see a return of the "no-growth" wars of the 80's and 90's?
Let's fix the place. My Top Ten, more to come!
Liberals are really this dumb?
No wonder they call him 'moonbeam' – California Governor Jerry Brown claims Global Warming causes extreme cold
Is the Solar System's Galactic Motion Imprinted in the Phanerozoic Climate?
"Death to America" called for by Iran's Supreme leader Ali Khamenei
Local lefties are a bunch of whiners!
St. Patrick's Day! I really don't care. LOL!
Terry Lamphier's "anonymous" accuser outs himself!