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For info on fires, see the Yubanet "Happening Now" page. Also see the links in the 'yubanet backup' section at the end of this column. For radio, try kvmr (89.5 fm) on the hour, on some hours. Or (to get the simpler "mobile view", first click on the far left sidebar, or go straight to it?)
Fire News II
NevCoOES AlertCenter
Or try on twitter: @NevCoOES, @NCCFire, @CALFIRENEU (Nev/Yub/Plac), @CAL_FIRE. @YubanetFire, @Yubanet, @Mix951 (Radio). (Note: You should be able to view these *without* signing up for a Twitter account, but it's *possible* that what you get might be stale. I don't know. If you do sign up, do not reuse your superduperultrasecure password for doing this! some simple one is likely fine. )
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